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ArtFare The Muse new site information coming soon

ArtFare Relocates to Downtown Tucson
Volunteer Opportunities
Classes and Innovative Programming
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by Stephen Adly Guirgis
Reservations by calling 520-529-8868
w ith  student ID $14
Preview: March 29th 7PM
March 30-31  7PM
                           1st 2PM
April 6 -7 7PM
April 8  2PM


Mission: ArtFare will provide the means necessary whereby creative persons can bridge social, economic and cultural gaps through study, experience and support of the arts and humanities. Regardless of abilities or disabilities. We will inspire others to achieve personal growth through accessible and innovative arts experiences and education. We will enrich the lives of others through international exchange and global goodwill by promoting public awareness of art and humanities. The Corporation will succeed in its mission by creating communities of artists and arts-based organizations that share the desire to support the work of artists, provide peer mentoring programs and youth education  

Purpose: To ask and listen to our members and the communities which we serve. To establish the services they need and the way they want theses services delivered.           

Goal: To never do anything  that would embarrass us if printed in tomorrow newspaper .

Corporate Office  

    55 N 6th AvenueTucson Arizona USA 

The Muse  516 N 5th Ave  Tucson AZ                                                               


  127  E. 5th Street Tucson AZ 

Land  Base  

  Cochise, Arizona USA85606     (520) 903-0918


Please visit us at 55 N 6th Avenue

Tucson Arizona 903-0918

Is your organization practicing in the park or the basement of the old church? Please there is reasonably priced space available in the heart of the city .
 Please have your organizations agent contact us at 520-903-0918.
At present we are looking for groups that require wood floors, mirrors and high (over 12) ceilings.
We also can accomodate organizations needed permanent office space with occational need for rehershal space.

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