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Living in a word is complex.
Having faced my life through the actions of others has been to say the east enlightening. Each time I open my mind to accept others views, I find it difficult to process what they are trying to change within my life to make their fulfillment of what they wish I became with their thoughtful guidelines would create.
It is not that I do not possess feelings of anger. I do, I work through them, occasionally acting on these emotional roadblocks.
It is difficult for me not see what other dem as evil in this world. I feel a prisoners of my own wish for contentment in the world. Balance of poverty and riches.
It does not appear to me that all is rosy in the world, but I treat the conditions of the world as positive developments.
Oppression seems, as with art to be in the eyes of those participating.
It has become clear to me that it is not that I lack for wanting, but that the degrees of wanting are different depending on economic status and cultural influences.

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