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Cosmic Comedy Comrads Unite!
Principalities Post
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Here we'll list events and activities scheduled for the next couple of months.NolaV has been seen hanging round like a Shallow Gossip We'll update on what we'll likely gonna be seeing, or be seen at so check back often to stay up to date. Let her know, 'WE' may ComeCCU How can she be in so many different places? She's A ghost We will have live chat to try out ideas or just give support

August XXII

August 3, 1:00pm - Sandey Beaches Outing she's dislinkintic sumthyme Cry cry(sob)maybe
August 11, 6:00pm -Hi GrDr Monthly member meeting he's NolaV's prospector
August 19, 7:30pm - CelesteTeales Softball game
August 28, 7:00am -NolaV Community service

September XXII

September 3, 2:00pm - Annual Labor Day picnic

September 12, 7:00pm - Monthly member meeting

September 18, 8:00pm - Guest speaker

September 21, 12:00pm - Prospective member lunch

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by becoming Residents