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In depth...

Oprah Dear or is it Oh David , Oh Dear which one to put #I Sometimes, a topic that I've touched on in one of my log entries may need a little elaboration, or I may want to put thoughts scattered around many entries together in one place. And so I'll periodically contribute short essays to this site.Still no word from Davids People. Will send this soon.

For example, I might include an essay on a controversial subject, like the effectiveness of capital punishment.I know that sometimes I STILL YELL on the computer so really I am voting no!. MachoFlatsAZ is not usually politically correct.But tolerant yea  "WE" are tolerant. Or I might write a personal essay about growing up or about my philosophy of life or child-rearing.Well I don't think I can give this a fair shot. Remember OD can DO.Oprah dave dave oprah together come together oh please!
Writing essays requires a little more work than writing log entries, but it also gives me a chance to really shape and express my thoughts.Like when are you guys gonna call me up?