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Muy Fino Ideas
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So what'd you think "WE" can Do In MachoFlatsAZ
Lets share a Brain  Find the Funny...capitalize on it!

Sandi Beeches has been busy establishing herself as a Secret Real Estate Agent.
Her resent decision to remodel the MachoFlats Arms has been met with suspicion from some. The recent eviction has left a sour taste in all the Residents mouths. Even the Snowbirds have been concerened.

Comedy Class Grads Reunion
Laffs Tucson AZ  
7pmApril 8,2003

click to visit  Sandi Beeches at the Comedy Club Forum
Tucson Arizona Laffs Comedy Club Tuesdays at 7pm
Send us your open mics dates

Some of the citizens have left the principalities.Because of the eviction we returned to CCCCU .Hylander is still in his castle. The chariot driver has long gone down the road.  GenXer has left without a word. The Magic Fingers dentist has closed his office. The Herbaligist
has left his patches IV Sandi Beeches to cultivate. The fashion expert is off finding blue and black squares to bring back for her boutique. Anyone knowing of them please advise them that there NO taxes due on their principalities

Atlass Aliens Welcome


Housing starts are slowing down.
Citizens please attend
CCCU reunion  live XII to III.