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Mighty Fine Bios
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... the principalities of Colby Corners are too vast to list. is the latest subdivision and is presently recruting Citizens. Residents and Atlass Aliens applications are being accepted.

Crazy punker face

Celeste has created an unforgettable impression as one of MachoFlatsAZ premier Artist.. Her unflappable attitude and deadpan delivery are an inspiration. She also owns and operates all the "Salons" in the principalities of Colby Corners. From the elegant drawing room, to the casual conversation Pit, to the gossip riden Beauty Salon and Spa.
Appearances: "The Muse","Laffs" and some "Improv" work
Art Showing: Muse Studio Tucson AZ and
At present a dolphin of some renound is taken shape at her studio.
Her stud is near completion. Perhaps she will show us the final outcomes of these two projects.Or write Celeste Teales and if your lucky she will let  you in her virtual salons.

Sandi is Closer
Blonde woman's face
Than you think!

Sandi has been operating the MF Habitats for as long as anyone can remember. Her goals are not clear. She resently propossed remodeling the MachoFlats Arms. She is incharge of the Herb gardens and all the upkeep on the farms and gardens. She is looking for a soul partner. She will not settle but will consider any comers. Her advise is: " no more kissing by the pond they do not all become charming!" Good advise Sandi Beeches. By the by Sandi is visiting one of the sister cities in the principalities. MossCow. We are anxiously awaiting the final report of how things are"fairing" in that Jazzy part of the pricipalities.


Any Resident or Atlas Alien that has a web site dedicated to More Funny stuff
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