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In the principalities you can find me most anywhere. I reside in the Mission on the outskirts of  the principalities of Colby Corners...
As an graduate of CCCU I have continued to promote our commaradery.

We are excited that you are visiting the principalities. Our townships are here to provide unique adventures for any occasions.
Becoming a resident of MachoFlatsAz was a wise decision on my part. It may be just the place for you to create and bloom.
We are a strong group of citizens and Atlas Aliens and recieve our rewards in direct proportion to the efforts we place on our personal commitment.
Nola V:  looking desperately across the lights to the gleaming faces that make up the audience. Fear  a lost emotion replaced by flashes of other times and other places. Gallons of water have been unable to quench the deep thirst.
The heat of the spot almost unbearable, the silence that engulfs the room deafening. You just need to keep moving on...your stuff is ok. People have laughed at your stuff before...finish this joke and then fall back on one that never fails. wow...which one...
Oh wait maybe one more new one, they are laughing...wait is that guy leaving or is it just full kidneys...Oh my jokes stink...that guy before me ruined it for me... what will happen next...I think that guy up front laughes, I'll just play to him for a while...yeah ok it's working....yeah yeah...what about that not yet ok they are staring to get em...wait the not yet.. oh look that guys back, his lizard's drained.. hey I'm doing ok now,my new stuff worked..I'll do some old stuff since...oh heck the light, when did that happen..shoot finish this joke...but I got a real funny tag... no. Just get off they won't ask you back...they won't like you....when did it stop being about the audience liking you..right now...I love the craft...put preservation is a core emotion. so it's off to the principalities....

From film to digital, we do it all.
Reel of Film
Our Recreation Company
Manos Finas Blvd

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