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Stinkie Schoals Super Star Spy
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This reporter was present at the last Graduation event for the CCCU.
It was a delightfully hilarious experience.The Hylander was in great form as always. Don Juanito de Botas was the MC that keep the motion in the ocean.
Micki should have no trouble getting  phone numbers now,(even it they are all 900 #'s). With enough practice the men will follow.
If stature were measured by the humorous bone Gary would measure above and beyond the VII foot mark. The show flowed well, however shortly after Hong appearred we were indeed hungry for more. Luckily Ohara delivered the gas during a second stand off. If Detroit has many more spokesman like Doug the drinking population will be taking Pepto with their Stohs' induced diarrhea.JOAKS says it all. His need for rehab should end now that his career is on the rise It is no wonder Germany has never won a War..It is the sincere wish of this reporter that copies of this show will become available to the general public.Indulge the "Royal We" Archives........
Paul was understandable.Pevo Polaski may have been a reach, but we are all looking for a giant RV to collide with. A retiremant plan of our own.Collect the insurance. We are sure they will forget to contest the suit.. Looking forward to the welcoming commitee at the "Lost Wages" retirement home.There was another guy there but his name was too difficult to remember...We'll just reefer
to him as Henry or Joe whichever...His box never ran out of the stuff that makes the audience laugh.But in future don't take the Meth before the Show.
Lois and Gay made the show just a tad short(no pun intendedGary)We are hoping to see them at the next OM(Masterful Oration) Tuesday next at the
Laffs Emporium.Congradulations to all and too all a got SPOT!

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