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 "The Haunted House"

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 Friends & Tenants of The Muse Community ArtsCenter is proud to sponsor the 2003 Haunted House. It will be held Friday October 31 from 5:30 to 11:00 it will be a   
                               "Safe Kids House"
 Fifty  per cent the proceeds will  be used as matching funds for much needed elevators.Pumpkin Orange Flyers asking for volunteers both  prior to  and on the  day of  the  H 2 event are available. You may pick up flyers at the The Muse Lobby or at any Tenant meeting.  With "Nightfall" at  "Old Tucson Studios"
being canceled there will be few  TPD  "approved" safe houses
We believe this to be a Major Event for Tucson. Sign On!
Volunteer Join us in the fun starting TODAY!      
E-mail: or