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ArtFare The Muse is welcomed downtown by its heart Rio Nuevo District

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"Our creativity is the best of who we are,
 our arts, the soul of any civilization."
   Rachel Rosenthal,
   Performance Artist     

The vision of a self-sustaining Arts Organization  and the artist that make up it's associates is the guiding force behind the restructuring of The  Muse Community Arts Center(s) becoming an Arts Center without walls.
Each year many invidividuals and groups develop skills, an audience or client base that enable a LLC to be born and blossom. Such it has been with many local organizations. This Year we are happy to announce musePottery Annex.
Maxine Krasnow has incubated from our location to a stand alone space at 127 5th Street. Over the past few years  because of our association she has aquired  equiptment enabeling her to grow and establish a presence  and a community client base.Affordable space and sufficient time and substantial community support, has allowed Maxine to  become an independent LLC.Congradulations, Muse Pottery School and Studios as you join the ranks of other successful incubators from the 516 Building, Art for All and Arizona Jazz Academy, Liz Hernandes, Vineyard Church, The Village.



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The following pages are representative of the past years from IAC to the Present ArtFare/TMCAC.
During  our restructuring we are looking for innovative artist with a sense of adventure and creativity

New Downtown Office "The MEZ" 55 N. 6th Avenue

Please contact us with any comments or questions, and to be added to our events mailing list!

Email THE MUSE at:

* 55 North 6th Avenue * Tucson, Arizona * 85701 *
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