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Any great idea is coveted by others

A year after the opening of the Artist Concept Eatery for no apperant reason it closed.

During the Winter Soltice of 2008 a great eatery was prospering along the Camino Real in the Old Pueblo, then suddently during the Summer Soltice, it closed.
Why did this sudden change of heart? The public possition was that the volunteers were needed to support a new venture, that included retrofitting an educational componant to the 200 foot stretch along that wonderful hiway.
Months passed, the support for the educational componant deminished when the managing entity reduced the enrollment by 50%, the board began to lead the group in a different direction.

From film to digital, we do it all.
ArtFare Studios
55 North 6th Ave
Tucson AZ USA 85701

(520) 903-0918

Or e-mail: space@artfare.org


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Along Arizonas portion of El Camino Real