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Mission: ArtFare will provide the means necessary whereby creative persons can bridge social, economic and cultural gaps through study, experience and support of the arts and humanities. Regardless of abilities or disabilities. We will inspire others to achieve personal growth through accessible and innovative arts experiences and education. We will enrich the lives of others through international exchange and global goodwill by promoting public awareness of art and humanities. The Corporation will succeed in its mission by creating communities of artists and arts-based organizations that share the desire to support the work of artists, provide peer mentoring programs and youth education  

Purpose: To ask and listen to our members and the communities which we serve. To establish the services they need and the way they want theses services delivered.           

Goal: To never do anything  that would embarrass us if printed in tomorrow newspaper .

Corporate Office  

    55 N 6th AvenueTucson Arizona USA 

The Muse  516 N 5th Ave  Tucson AZ                                                                musePottery        

  127  E. 5th Street Tucson AZ 

Land  Base  

  Cochise, Arizona USA85606     (520) 903-0918

We are at present on hiatus for the Arizona Summer Months, we are working deligently on our revised web site please visit us again soon.

emerging pasque flowers
click on pic for more on artist

Emerging Pasque Flowers
Watercolor/Torn Paper Collage
Can be seen at Otero Gallery in Tubac
$190.00     20" x 24"

Winter Interships Still Available!

We are currently looking for interns to supplement our small staff during the coming fall.    Responsibilities    for   interns  would i nclude  website, marketing,  community outreach  program development and fundraising within the community. This year  we  will  also be  accepting  applications  CSA Instructor Assistant . Unlike other internships, successful candidates should not expect to languish away in mail or  copy   rooms, nor   will   they  spend  their  whole  days answering   letters  or   phones.  Extensive   experience  with programming is not required but a familiarity with computers and the internet is a neccessity. If you're afraid of the computer, this is probably not the place for you. does not offer financial compensation to interns, but  does offer a positive work environment that is unlike anything one may ever experience. Hours are  extremely  flexible as our building is accesible  seven  days a week, thus  allowing   students to work around their busy schedules. Most importantly, we offer our interns the opportunity to work in an office that is in the thick of things, or from  a  remote   site   not  only supplying website  support  to  creative   members  and   organizations,  but  often making news. If you are interested in applying for an intern position at please   send  a  resume, cover  letter  to :

 Call to Creative Persons:

  Summit  work for  Fall publication NOW!e-mail:




Reflections of days of Web Past:

Marti  White took a break from the refurbishing project at The Muse Community Arts Center. Her studio was housed there in the Historical "Old YMCA".Located on what the  City calls the Fringe of  Tucson's Art's District just behind the  4th Avenue Dairy Queen. She spoke with us about her philosophy on art and life. Painting on the third floor of the 1940's  building adding the Mango Stain to the Hallways. The hallsways that once invited visitors to the dormitories now welcome artist and visitors to the top floor artist's studios.
"My focus is to get what is within my unconscious mind onto the painting which is a much more spiritual direction than in the past. Some of my work is quite abstract, but not all of it. I have enjoyed taking works of art by masters of the past and weaving their images into works of my own. I also enjoy beginning with no plan and seeing where the media will take me. I feel these works express what is within me more than the planned pieces. There is no end to the possibilities in working with several mediums on one piece and having the option of adding collage elements expands the creative process even further. I feel that an artist's work is always evolving and changing and this new avenue of expression is an example of that evolution in both my art and my personal life.."                                                                                                                                     Experience: Painted in watercolor for over 20 years winning several local competitions and two one-woman shows in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnosotta area.
Have shown at the Hausman Gallery at The Audubon Society and at the Nortena Festival
in 2002. Presently Marti is's featured artist in the Virtual Gallery  she is also showing at Otero Gallery in Tubac, AZ.