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Self-Exile | Miner Shaft
Where have all the people gone?
Prospector HiGrDr

The Way It Really Happened...maybe

We is all sitting in the Celestial Creative Saloon. It is a day like most others. It was not yet the hottest time in these parts.
Sandey Beaches and her sister Pinkie sit together across the street. In the downstairs space of the Macho Flats Manor the girls chat at the table that
once was the centerpiece of the Mission. NolaV is out haunting the principalities. She should have been here. Saturday has long been accepted as town meeting day.
Celeste Teales is topside checking on the solar panels. When we installed the first panel it had only enough power to illuminate for 6 hours.Since that time
BB and Celeste have been very creative in alternative power sources. Now Macho FlatsAZ has generated enough power to actually have surplus electricity.
Saturdays are special here in the principalities. Maybe because the Friday night 10:30 show is such a drain... whatever the reason that's the way the residents live here in MachoFlatsAZ.
They call me Prospector; On good day like today, I wander to one of the local saloons. Our saloons are each as unique as the people who designed them.
Stirring the stew in front of me I wonders why NolaV has not been coming round...because she is a ghost we never know when she wont be coming back.
The sky was clear and blue with just a touch of white clouds. In the distance the darkness looked so eerie. I stared towards it as I ate the food and drank my brew.
Stinkie Shoals had been on assignment the last few weeks...but as usual is sitting front and center for the town gossip fest. This shallow fellow deserves some respect, he always delivers the scoop on all the local and not so local events. He too was enjoying his Brew and Stew.
Marshal Les Leyes is a Dillonesque in manor, 
         Yes he does live in Macho Flats Manor his physical attributes are best left the individuals who wish to comment on them. HiGrDr has no opinion more than to say he has a very hard time making a dicission on his own and all his beliefs are composites of those that surround him.
This day has gone by slooooowly but it is at the same time speeding by. It's a strange day. The Brew and Stew could stand on it's own. Lineas La' Po as a cook has no equal in these parts. Once you expose your senses to her cusine. You will never understand ordinary foods existance.
Face the mountains. Reach for the spirit. Watch as the darkness approaches.
Thinking that this day a storm will come.Not realizing what is actually going to happen. I am filled with anticipation. Unharnessed energy.

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