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Subj: Re: Saw you in AZ
Date: 7/30/02 4:40:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (
Hey there, Furies!  Well, it was nice to see you even in disguise.
Wait.  Now I am not sure which of us was wearing one.  Since you
knew me, I will have to say it was you.  That was a fine purse, by
the way.  I wish I'd paid better attention to the whole table - I
can feel what I felt in your midst, though.  Hey.  Thank you for
making that road work a bit less solo.
Big sun hugs your way.
At Monday, 22 July 2002, you wrote:
Thank you for coming to our Pueblo
We where lucky to make it in from
MachoFlatsAZ, but the "draft" was worth the trek.
Click here: Stinkie Schoals Super Star Spy review of the Show.
Thank you for singleling out our the MachoFlats Flask that
you kindly renamed a purse. The orders should be pouring in
any day now.We are so lucky.
The Furies
Well we all sitting round listening to the The Boss "The Rising" ya know
So we rambled  on over to the MF PO and look what we found.
Thanks Brett Butler!

WANTED:  CEO for MachoFlatsMerchantile

Any Store sales ideas please e-mail us

Ringing Liberty Bell

The summer is just around the corner, and with so much going on it's hard to stay in touch as much as we'd like. We've created this web site to help fill everyone in on our plans, and to offer information we thought might be useful to visitors and residents. We'll post updates as to how the Minning Fortune is growing. Sra.NolaV come back to MachFlatsAZ its MMM thyme.

Date and time of wedding: when Hellen Freeze comes over

Location of wedding: MachoFlatsAZ

Here we might include detailed directions or a map.
But you can't get here if you gotts get direction
Yes you can see below

You guys can sleep anywhere someone else isn't. But Sandey Shoals Habitats are (high)ly recomended

About Honeymoon Plans...

You know we will start out at the MFing Manor and then just drift in and out of the principalities finally ending at the MimeFalls. How peaceful it is there!

Location of reception: principalities of Colby Corners

Here we might include detailed directions or a map.

Or you can send e-mail to us at: