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ArtFare Relocates to Downtown Tucson
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Classes and Innovative Programming
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Fashions for Life
Visit the CLothes Closet

The Mellinum Fashions Department is soliciting yard goods and clothing to be recycled into fashions for theatrical productions as well as daily wear. Over the past several years "Costuming for Life" has grown to become a full fledged program.
Chintzy Couture is an privately held LLC providing recycled clothes to local and regional business for resale.
Morgans FinalWear is dedicated to helping emerging "Fashionists'" with materials to complete projects and allow individuals to tap their creative sources and provide costumes to the 716 Production Crews.
The educational component allows for fashion sense to become fashion dollars. Ongoing workshops are offered with a final end product.
Basic skills in design and sewing.

Call to Artist
Accepting work by appointment . Regional artist are asked to present up to three pieces to be displayed in our corporate location downtown Tucson. 55 N 6th Avenue. Work will be accepted from November 15 through Nov 23. 

ArtFare is accepting artist works for the Holiday Show.


ArtFare’s Community to shows are offered free of charge to participants *


ArtFare’s  “I” Gallery is hung by emergent preparators. (you are invited to participate in hanging your own work)


Work accepted starting             Nov 15,2005   11 am –3pm

Deadline                                   Nov 23,2005      NOON

Opening Reception                   Nov 28,2005   5-7 pm

Meet the Artist                         Dec 16,2005    5-7 pm

Pick up work starting                Dec 26,2005    11 am-3 pm

Deadline for pick up                 Dec 30,2005      NOON


Artist may submit up to 3 pieces, these will be hung as a collective,

Dimensions will be the same as per OST Fall 05.

A CD will be produced (To be viewed for the run of the show)

        A 1   to 3 minute oral or written narrative is requested.

o       Narrative may be scripted or spontaneous

o       Narrative may be recorded by artist, or by ArtFare orator.


More information available by calling 520-903-0918 Monday-Thurs 10-4

Opening reception Monday November 28 with a "meet the Artist" scheduled for Dec 16th, both are from 5-7 pm.
For more information write  or call 520-903-0918.

Winter Internships Applications Available!

We are currently looking for interns to assist the staff this fall.    Responsibilities    for   interns  would  include  website maintenance, marketing,  community outreach,  program development and fundraising within the community.

This year  we  will  also be  accepting  applications  for ArtFare instructors' assistant s applications. Unlike other internships, successful candidates should not expect to languish away in mail or  copy   rooms, nor   will   they  spend  their  whole  days answering   letters  or   phones.  Extensive   experience  with programming is not required but a familiarity with computers and the internet is a neccessity. If you're afraid of the computer, this is probably not the place for you.  ArtFare does not offer financial compensation to interns, but  does offer a positive work environment that is unlike any other. Hours are  extremely  flexible as our building is accesible   24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing students to work around their busy schedules. Most importantly, we offer our interns the opportunity to work in an office that is in the thick of things, or from  a  remote   site   not  only supplying website  support  to  creative   members  and   organizations,  but  often making news. If you are interested in applying for an intern position at ArtFare please   send  a  resume and cover  letter  to :

 Call to Creative Persons:

  Summit  work for  Fall publication NOW!                  e-mail:




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