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Cosmic Comedy Comrads Unite!
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The purpose of this site is just to have fun.
Maybe change a piece of your world with humor.

find the funny...
..capitalize on it

....a principality of ColbyCorners
On this home page we'll introduce our organization and principalities  and highlight important areas available on our site.Please contact us about linking and becoming part of our growing taltnt pool.


On this page, we may include pictures of our characters or of the work we do.CelesteTeales Parlor shows different works by artist or is it different artist work?

We invite you to visit us or move in or attend an event.
Celeste Teales  to start the MFzine in the near future
Looking for input throughout the principalities...

Please get in touch with Sandey Beaches Habitats to offer comments about the principalities  and join our mailing list.
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