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Persons of confussed intellect to help rebuild this little principality!
"We" is you and this MF AmuZementality .
NolaVish is a special language some may call it NolaVeize
so many ways to look at the TaleNT(dyno-mite)in theUni-(I)(one)verse
she uses Roman Numerals? you know Malcolm Ten? SuperBowl 30?Our site is still under developement.
The Macho Flats AZ project was begun by a group of asspiring standup comics.
Most have been called away to the road or just felt uninterested at the present. Leaving the site with several underdeveloped ideas. The project will continue but  weare looking for outside infussion(new citizens). Our webmaster is busy trying to hitchhike to Jay Lenos place, or is it David Lettermans?
Can you offer any suggestions.
If not then please contact us and we will catalogue your remarks appropriately.
Please no more fertilizer remarks, MF has plenty delivered already.
We need the re-establishment of the planning and development delegation.
Sincerly yours
The Legend tells the story true,
about how was born and grew-.
MachoFlatsAz belongs to all of us who wish to use it.
It's future is uncertain. By inclusion
 I (one) may come and I (one) may go as often and for as long as MF remains part of the joint creativety

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