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Sandi B. Chez
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        enlighting spirits routinely

"We" believe that MachoFlats AZ(AmuZement zone)
will lend itself to endless possibilities. For a commercially viable Logo.
"We" would like to make items available for all standup comics. That way we can be our own advertisements
If you would like to submit a Logo Idea Please Do So(asap)

Sage Sandi Speaks
Updated Routinely

So you don't know what NolaV is trying to Say:
UR not alone. Look see what others say/think.
What are you talking about, when you ask something of someone
Please use fu(n)cking English.What shit are you putting together
Is this a place for Mother Fuckers to hang out and talk about whatever.. Yeah/Si/See. We want to si/see/c if what is funny to a small
place like MachoFlatsAZ can grow like any other city in the universe.
WE know we are not alone because we already share a brain.
If you can can c/si/see the comedy then u might want to become a citizen of Macho Flats AZ .