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Job Vacancy

 "We" are a group of MOSTLY FUNNY people."We"admit it! "We" all write. Some think. Others translate.Some do Standup and leave!StanKShoals Super Star Spy reports events as he wished they'd happen .Please come to our FORUM  and tells about your reality. Although we are a global community, the small town feeling is ever present. SandiB.Chez has begun packing as she puts it "Malibu or Bust"  Share your ideas!

Can Cosmic Comics Comrads Unite?                                            

                                                    Job Vacancy:As you will have seen from the frequency of updates to this site, we don't get so much time to run all this technogismology these days. Therefore, Macho Flats AZ. is looking for a webmaster/web designer to look after our website, and perhaps redesign it. This is, sadly, a paid position (the principalities does not make any money yet, all costs are meet out of recycling aluminum). However, your pay will be secondary as your reward will be the big smiles on the faces of MFers that visit our principalities and also the with-it hip youngsters with new-fangled internet access enjoying our online frivolity. Maybe you're an up-and-coming web designer who needs their first big break into the internet frontier, or a former marketing man who looked after a small town's promotion sweating over your old turn-handle duplicator in your corner-shop office until the council drank all your funding. Whoever you are, if you can do any of the following, please get in touch with us:

HTML page construction/editing, in your preferred package
Web-page graphics, again in your preferred software
Any other smartypants web design stuff

It would also be useful, although not essential, if you are familiar with:
Front Page or Dreamcatcher


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