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Please Take A Look and drop me a line

This site is being developed it is part of an ongoing project
MachoFlatsAZ...a principality of Colby Corners.
The reason it is here at all is a mystery.
But it's mission is clear "Find the Funny...capitalize on it."
There are many actually II many E-mails stating that this is the worst site on the web. There have been CCLXIII "lost" E-mails.
Here are some of the pieces we felt could be posted. We considered using there E-mail responces but many were part of Message Boards and we felt these need no "free" publicity.So will use them Later on in a section just for them.
"What the Moth... F**k are you saying, if I had an idea we could work on it here?"yeah that's waht(dyslexia a plus) we mean
" If it has the lettersMF and can be made funny to I(one)person that's
ok?"Yes you are always the "RoyalWe" while in the principalities
"If we have design ideas or any MF idea at all we should show up and live in this MFing place?"yeah this MF place is IV you!
"I think you are so much horse shit." then NolaV will fertilize. Create those greener pastures

Find some part you want to edit and E-Mail us!
in a little while there you'll be living large in a principality.

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