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About Us

Many Hands. Many Minds. One Goal.

Our Mission

Our organization is devoted to enabiling persons of a creative nature to work, present and develop thier ideas. We provide a space for all to visialize and complete their creations.
We believe everyone deserves to see their dreams take flight..

Our History

Thirteen strangers meet developed a funny commarodery and studied under  coach and mentor Scotty Goff (the only comic to be banned from the "Riviera" in Las Vegas).
Several different troups were formed. Some where pretty cheezie,  we've stuck with them. Some are not on the priority list but they travel with us in the back of our minds. So radioKMFA was one of those great ideas. A virtual online radio channel. It's guest are travelling comics,  musicians and internet freaks of all kinds.
The station has grown over the last few years and now we are looking to find a stream manager. Content is overflowing and we need an outlet.

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