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When not at Home

Welcome to our web site!

This is the home page of yet another vision2reality development. Part of the growing family. Fully supported by a non-profit organization established to meet the needs of artist in the New Mellinium.

We are excited that you are visiting our web site. radioKMFA was born in the  basement of a most hysterical oops historical building in Tucson Arizona. In it's present incarnation of Artistic custodian  ArtFare it's common name Muse brings delightful fancies to the mind. While visiting Tucson, the Furies were taken aback by the history of the town. It is recorded that this township is the oldest continually inhabited place in this Hemisphere.
The old Pueblo boost a rich a developed cultural history.  Many great and famous persons have been born or called this spot of desert home.
Celeste Teal, Sandi B. Chez and NolaV stand proudly beside them all.

From then till now, we do it all.


The Virtual Radio Show
Performed Randomly at
55 N 6thAvenue
Tucson AZ
(520) 903-0918
Or e-mail:

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our cast of characters!