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New Direction Slated for TMCAC

The future of The Muse Community Arts Center (s) is coming up artistically bright.
When the 516 Building was  slated for demalition and given to a developing not for profit organization ArtFare, it left the once promising Arts organization The Muse without a home, a place to operate from and with no revenue resources.
ArtFare  is a non-profit doing business as TMCAC (The Muse Community Arts Center) under the "incubation" program.
This will allow for the restructuring an redirectioning of The Muse.
One of the ideas being discussed is as a downtown evening venue.
Muse After Dark will once again allow emergent artist  a space to exercise their creativity, providing  space for an audience of persons with a topic interest in the demonstration.
The hardest thing to find in the Old Pueblo is affordable space for a group to perform to a mid-sized audience.
The Cave, Black Hole, Catacombs, whaever you end up calling it, will be located on The Mez of a unique 1928 builing. In this unique veture TMCAC and Lagniappe partner with Alijagic Studios and  716 Productions. With this new addition  ArtFare/TMCAC promises to add a new dimention in a most creative way of providing service to the community.
All this in the evening in the HeArt of Rio Nuevo District.
TMCAC is looking for persons who wish to develop unique areas of the project.
Sound, lighting, video projection, staging, seating, catering, event managing, promotion and marketing.Persons must possess an entreupenurial spirit.
As part of the ArtFare/TMCAC incubation program MAD (muse after dark) will have access to various pieces of equiptment used in Nations Hall at the 516 building.

in the HeArt of Rio Nuevo