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Stinkie Schoals Super Star Spy
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Wanna be this or another Character? Write it up!

Formative Years Indeed...

Stinkie Shoals arrived in the principalities of Colby Corners with nothing more than this smelly name. Since that thyme the name of Stinkie Shoals has been sin(nanimous) with swallow ill reported rumours and alegations.Stinkie's resposibilities include shinning up the" Macho Flats Obsticles and Illusions" 
Placing a halo around each star no matter how "dim"(witted) they may appear.

Hanging out at the Mission while NolaV is about the world. The rest of the thyme I have ASKED to be allowed to move into MFA.  Sandey Beaches has objections.  I heard her say her love life is HOT, or maybe she said NOT.
She smells shells stalks sings (in tune I might add)  "the Tide is High you gotta be moving on" or share...or hearing oh s(word here)On Stage!!!!!

At a Glance

The announcements that I may be using drugs or actively participating in ageheimers  have not been greatly exagerated. Anyone wishing a copy of those articles please E-mail me the V(5)"S's" would that make it VI? better yet just send it to NolaV since I'm hear most the thyme working the herb recipies. Celeste and HiGrDr keeping the Cosmic eye Boy are they  altruistic autistic