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Stinkie Schoals Super Star Spy
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Funkie Shoals

When the lights go down...

Being the lastest in a long line of Musicians here in the principalities I  have to be livin in Macho Flats Arms. I juxt puts my money dwn dwn next to my music.I'm dwn... be living under the protection of the CCCU Alumni.

  • I'll be performing:
  • Celeste Teales Oral Saloon,
  • Corner of Campbell/Grant-Tucson,AZ

A film reel; Size=240 pixels wide

Robert DeNiro's performance in this movie seems to go beyond performance: he sinks so deeply into the role of Jake LaMotta that you almost forget he's DeNiro. It's not a likable performance, and it's not an especially likable film (the fight sequences still make me wince), but it is perhaps the high point of his career.

Music Fun(da-Metals)!

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