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Tucson Talkies

September Sizzels!

The night was hot and the decission to arrive at the Highlanders Castle was a bit last minuto. But what a great surprize awaited me. Lorrie Cohen one of the original XIII was the more needed to be said. She was a breath of fresh air. Her timing was on the mark. Her jokes were also very fresh and to the laughing point. Tonight the 10:30 show was as always a long line of hecklers.
The grace of this squared up "Star" of David was unbelivable. The envy of all the upcoming Standup comics in attendance.
There was a ribbet in the background. Alas a Frog in our mist. Balding like an American Eagle the deep voice laughter filled the air.
It is good to be a fly on the wall instead of in the oinment.